Welcome to The Insung Club, a quaint unknown part of the internet where the title of the website has nothing to do with the content.  I keep my design portfolio here and occasionally write blog articles.  All images are copyright of their respective copyright holders.  They are shown here for my design, photoshop, and video skills.  If you’re interested, I also make films.  Let me know if you have any questions.

DC Comics

I’ve been with DC since late 2011 getting to know the amazing characters and stories and creating a ton of work that I’m proud of.  Right now, I’m reading Batman: Second Chances to learn more about Jason Todd, the “Bad Boy” Robin.  Click on an image to open up a gallery.

Explore Batman’s Batsuit

Crime was running rampant in Gotham City and Batman was no longer available.  Commissioner Gordon takes over as Batman in this mechanized Bat Suit.  Check out this interactive page to see all the functions of the suit.  Designed in collaboration with Coder/Visual Effects Artist Jeff Rowe.  This works best in Desktop browsers.


Key Art

Before DC, I did a lot of this stuff.  I love movies and sometimes I make them.


Logos are one of the most challenging areas in Graphic Design.  Why?  Because it has to work on everything from small business cards to giant billboards.  It has to be instantly recognizable as a brand and function to tell the essence of its business…in about two seconds.

DVD Packaging

I’ve worked closely with some great people at Sony Pictures (Columbia-TriStar).

Here’s Waldo Concept

Sometimes I’ve longed to work at a high-end agency.  This is an Art Direction concept for Wieden+Kennedy (Nike, “Just Do It”) in Portland when they were looking for conceptual thinkers.  Final illustration by Kyle Miller.